Between Elsewhere and Nevermore

Exploring the in-betweens of fandoms, imagination, and creativity.

after the war, charlie weasley lets his hair grow long and wild. the order had made him clean up his wild-man look in order to recruit foreign wizards to their aid, and just as she had when he was a boy his mother had shorn his red locks painfully close to his head. but he is free now— the whole wizarding world is free— and charlie plans to celebrate. he goes back to his dragons, his work, the love of his life. he goes back to the dragon sanctuary for a while, then realizes he can start his own— after all, the more safe places there are in this world for dragons, the better. he takes off to travel the world in search of the perfect place for his dragons, and for himself. 

and every time he goes back to visit family, his mother gasps at the tangles of his hair, but he never lets her cut it again. in his curls are the memories of everywhere he’s ever been, of the dragons he loves and protects. and his hair grows long and wild— just like he is.


Spn Spinoff that follows the adventures of two very chill girls in their twenties who dropped out of college to hunt monsters. They drive a old hippie bus, paint their fingernails pink, make dirty jokes all the time and are utterly unimpressed at all the manpain regularly going on in the hunters network.


“Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.” 
                                                                -F. Scott Fitzgerald

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